News:  6/16/12 AddisonsDisease.Net, a Teleplexus, Inc. health community, continues to thrive in a fiercely competitive online environment.  This Addison's Disease support and wellness pioneer continues to make a profound and meaningful positive impact in so many lives around the world.  We are delighted to have reached 10 years of service earlier this year and the improved wellness for many of our members is our legacy of unsurpassed, effective addison's support.  AddisonsDisease.Net was founded by someone with this rare disease for others that have it and their caregivers.  We don't send members anywhere for support... we are the support!  Recent member offerings about the quality of AddisonsDisease.Net - "As much as I have a really good doctor, without this site I would not even have realized what to look for, what to expect, and how to ask the right questions to discover what I need to know." - "I can honestly say that the day I found was one the BEST days of my life." - AddisonsDisease.Net is a proven effective leader in Addison's Disease support and we invite you to learn more about us!  AddisonsDisease.Net - Part Of TELEPLEXUS®

AddisonsDisease.Net is a trusted leader in online Addison's disease support and a valuable tool for patients, caregivers, doctors and nurses worldwide. To learn more:

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July 27, 2011 Pat Farnack's conversation with Jerry Butler who has Addison's Disease about the long road to diagnosis and his creation of the website to help those with Addison's. listen MP3

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